Here’s what we’re about


Sleep changes everything.


Is to bring safe overnight accommodation to people sleeping rough in Australia.


Is to end the need for people to sleep rough in Australia.

To achieve our vision; we will build 319+ buses which will provide more than 2,000,000 safe sleeps per year right around Australia.

So why provide safe overnight accommodation for those sleeping rough on the street… on a Bus?

It wasn’t the first idea raised as a solution to this problem, however after much research and talking with people who are homeless and/or those working with the homeless, our other idea’s were either not practical, or required cutting through a lot of red tape and not sustainable.

Our key criteria was… we need to be where the people we want to help are. Sounds simple enough, but as many Homeless Shelters have found, renting or purchasing real estate to do this is massively prohibitive and expensive to maintain. The cities, in particular the CBD, is where the people who need the help are and like any business, it's all about location, location, location.

Pilot Program

Suburban Metro Council Pilot - The bus that starts it all.

To test the sleepbus operations under controlled conditions in a suburban council area with a small homeless persons community. The first bus, that will forever be, a part of sleepbus history.

C.B.D. Pilot - The buses that test it all.

To take two buses and test sleepbus operations under semi-controlled conditions in a CBD environment with a large scale homeless persons community.

The Big Launch - The buses that show them all.

sleepbus plans to build the required number of buses that will END the need for people sleeping rough in a highly visible location: a full, in the field, launch of sleepbus to show what can be achieved. Like our facebook page to keep posted on this big event.

Here’s three ways you can get involved

For $27.50 you can give a good night’s sleep.


Pledge your next Birthday for safe sleeps.


Do something crazy or creative to raise money.