July 2017


I am thrilled to announce that sleepbus® is a finalist for the 2017 Telstra Business Awards. The Awards dinner will be held on Friday 28th July, at which time winners will be announced; finters crossed

For the past 25 years the Telstra Business Awards has been recognising, rewarding and empowering Australia’s best small and medium businesses and, more recently, charities. The judging process is intense, with both a written and P&L submission, site visit and interview. Finalists are throughly assessed on all areas of their business including financial acumen, cretivity and innovation, risk management, social responsibilities and leadership

It truly means a lot to be recognised for the hard work that has been done behind the scenes to ensure sleepbus® can deliver on its vision of ending the need for people to sleep rough in Australia. It has't been easy; being the "first in the world" brings with it apprehension from Governments and other agencies with whom we seek to partner. The many hurdles that have been placed in front of us have frustrated me no end, but despite the delays, this doesn’t stop what must be done and so we forge ahead, committed to making it happen.

Becoming a finalist in a prestigious award like the Telstra Business Awards provides sleepbus with further opportunities to open doors that are currently closed. It confirms that we are a legitimate organisation doing things the right wat and it is hoped that this will give confidence to Governments and other Agencies, working to solve the serious homelessness issue facing our country, that sleepbus® is the real deal.

A huge thank you to all the sleepbus® family who continue providing support. Together we are rolling a small snowball up a very steep hill, we are almost at the top, and then watch what happens when we get on a roll.

Keep an eye on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the updates on the awards.

Thank you

Simon, Founder | CEO

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This is Lincoln Barclay, a ten year old primary school student in Melbourne, who didn’t like what he was seeing in the city, so he decided to do something about it.

Lincoln asked his mum Mel to contact sleepbus to see if it would be ok for him to raise money for safe sleeps. He also wanted to present the sleepbus Charity to his school Principle to get the whole school involved. So here is a ten year old, arranging a meeting with his school Principal to pitch a charity because he didn’t like what he was seeing... how is that not the best thing you have ever heard.

Lincoln didn’t just have a meeting with the Principal and Vice Principal of his school, he had a successful meeting, gaining their full support. Lincoln has started a Fundraising Campaign on the sleepbus website where he hopes to raise $1,000 for safe sleeps. He’s been washing cars in his neighbourhood during school holidays and is seeking sponsors for a 5km run he is planning. At the time of writing, he had already raised more than $800.

If you’d like to support this 10 year old legend by donating to his campaign, click the link below, or if you’d like to start your own campaign, that would be awesome too.


In the coming weeks we will be looking for more volunteers to help with the daily operations of the first operational sleepbus in the Melbourne CBD area. There are various tasks, times and days available; sleepbus is 365 days a year after all.

Initially we invite those wishing to be involved to simply register to be a volunteer on our website. Once we have a database of volunteers, we will provide more information and access to the online roster only to those on the database.

So if you’re keen to clean inside a sleepbus, wash the outside of a sleepbus, make beds, wash sheets, assist with the loading and unloading of guests belongings each night and morning... sign up, we’d love to meet you. Get your friends together and have some fun volunteering for safe sleeps.