Melbourne VOLUNTEERS required for various roles. Can you help?


Yes, we do need buses and we need all shapes and sizes so that we can end the need for people to sleep rough right around the country. Our primary vehicle is a tri-axle tour coach style, as this has the size we need to maximise capacity for our service.

We happily accept vehicles as donations.

If you need some cash for it though, we have a budget of up to $20,000 per vehicle. We understand this would not normally get us a bus in very good condition, but we hope you'll support us as other bus companies have to end the need for people to sleep rough. Please talk to us about how we can make it happen.


This is our primary vehicle type which allows us to complete a refit which includes; 22 individual sleep
pods, 2 toilets and storage space for luggage and up to 8 pet pods.

Our wish list/criteria:

  • 12m long
  • 1.9m floor to ceiling height
  • flat floor
  • chassis in rust free, roadworthy condition
  • mechanically sound


Because we operate in different locations across the country, each location has different needs and capacity requirements, hence the need for different vehicle sizes. We will consider anything you think may be in suitable condition for our needs. Let's talk.


As with the small vehicle, we need all sorts and although PT vehicles have multi-level floors and no under storage, we have plans so that we can still adapt these to suit. If you have a suitable vehicle, we'd like to take a look.


A unique vehicle and we have some very cool idea's for how we'd like to repurpose them. We need a dozen or more, so let us know if you have one for us and we'll come and have a look.


If you have an old, broken down clunker in the yard that you have stripped for engine parts and will never see the road again, we can repurpose these as site offices at our depots around the country. If it still rolls, we'll look at it and see how we can bring it back to life.