Corporate Supporters

We partner with corporations for matching programs, public campaigns, employee engagement and other fundraising ideas tailored to the business' market and brand. It is this support that makes it possible for sleepbus to do the work that needs to be done and allows us to always use 100% of public donations to fund sleepbus projects.

sleepbus Investor

Our sleepbus Investors are donors that recognise the impact of a major gift to our operational expenses. Like any startup business, we need investors who believe in, and support our business model. The 100% Model. But we can’t offer stock options or the promise of a big buyout; so instead, our investors ROI is measured in the amount of safe sleeps we provide; one sleepbus can provide 8,030 safe sleeps per year and our aim is 300+ buses providing more than 2,000,000 safe sleeps and ending the need for people to sleep rough in Australia.

Bus Fuel

Membership Program

Our goal for the 100% program model is ambitious. To support our growth, we bring together a like-minded community of business people and philanthropists to fund our operating budget on a regular basis. Bus Fuel is a membership program where donors give a set amount to our operating costs each year. Their support paves the way for us to continue doing what many will say is impossible: scale the organisation using our 100% model and end the need for people to sleep rough in Australia.

Gifts in kind

We are in need of various items, from technologies to supplies; office space to office furniture; bus depot location to workshop facilities and tools. Much of what we have has been donated by generous businesses already and we are truly grateful to those that provide equipment and materials to help us get the job done with quality and style.

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Our supporters

In-kind donations from our donors and partners allow sleepbus to pass 100% of public donations straight to sleepbus projects. We are deeply grateful for those who have surprised us with their generosity. A big thanks to the following companies and people who have helped make sleepbus possible:

The pro bono team that made it all possible.

Ivan from Citi-Con contacted our founder (Simon) as he wanted to find a way he could help sleepbus. Simon was self funded, so Ivan and his business partner Brendon rang Brett from The Blind Factory, and all decided to generously cover Simon's wage each month so he can carry on without worry. How cool is that?

The Blind Factory, along with Citi-Con, generously cover our founders wages each month so he can continue the work of getting more sleepbus on the road to provide safe sleeps across Australia. Amazing!

Ecosa was born to help people sleep better, and they generously provide sleepbus with all our mattresses.

Tontine is Australia's leading manufacturer and wholesaler of bedding accessories and provided us with comfy pillows, sheets, pillow cases, quilts and quilt covers for the very first sleepbus.

Westernport Road Lines supplied sleepbus® with our very first bus & continues to service & maintain it for us.

The passionate electrician!

The passionate electrician's mate that turned the lights on.

Ultimate specialises in manufacturing & installation of Window Roller Shutters & donated all the roller shutters for the first bus & safe sleeps.

Loved sleepbus® so much that they paid for a PR Agency to help. Noice!

The ones that make the transparent books make sense.

Proud supporters of 'community'.

The backbone of a transparent organisation's books.

ZeemoTM was the first corporate to come onboard. They custom built our entire website from scratch. Amazing!

They power our awesome website.