Getting a sleepbus in your community

The best way to think about sleepbus is as a 'turnkey' solution; which essentially means that if you can help us raise the required funds for the build, we take care of absolutely EVERYTHING else. It’s a good deal.

-Simon Rowe | Founder

If your community has a need for a sleepbus service and want to get one operating, then you’ve come to the right place.

It costs $100,000 to buy, build and begin operating a sleepbus service in a community. If you think you and your community can raise the funds, then we will support your fundraising campaign anyway we can and once completed...we’ll get to work on the build.

Below you will find links to other successful community funded sleepbus services, plus a step by step overview of how it all works and a FAQ section to round everything out.

Thank you for your interest and your support, we really do appreciate it. We look forward to being in your community and providing safe sleeps very soon.

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How to make it happen

  Speak with your network

The most important first step is speaking with your network and your community to gauge the interest in supporting a sleepbus project. $100k is a big commitment, but its also a small price to pay to provide those in need with a safe place to sleep.

Speak to your family, friends, colleagues first, then speak to other organisations, business owners etc and see if they would be interested in backing the project. If you get awesome responses, then move on to step two.

  Start a campaign

You’re confident you can raise the funds, so lets give people a place to donate and tell them why you’re doing this and why your community needs a sleepbus service.

Go to our Campaign page and follow the simple steps to set up a campaign. Remember, we need $100,000 to make this happen, so make that the goal. Provide as much detail as you can about why you’re doing this and how it will help. Tell your story and then on to step three.

  Tell everyone

Very basic this one...TELL EVERYONE!! Tell everyone about your campaign. Ask people to donate, to share the story and campaign link...this is where we need to get the whole community onboard (pun intended). The more momentum you can generate, the quicker everything happens. This is the fun part, because you get to share your passion with your community. What are you waiting for...let’s do this!

  Community campaign page

Time for us to jump in and give you some more support. Once you have reached the $40,000 mark we can help setup an offical sleepbus Campaign page, which gives us a few more tools to help the campaign along. We’ll also share your story with the sleepbus family and drum up as much support as we can.

This is still your campaign and we cant do it without you, so don’t stop, now is the time start step five.

  Watch it all come to life

This is a big’ve done it! If you get here, you’ve raise the $100k and now you get to watch us literally get to work. When the full funds have reached us, we change your 'campaign' to a 'sleepbus Project' and this is where we track the journey of the build to service.

We’ll go get a bus and start pulling it apart; then we will begin the build process, turning this ugly ducking into a beautiful sleepbus; and you, your community and all the donors can watch every step via our video uploads and social media posts in real time. It’s a super exciting time.

From here, we do everything. We build the sleepbus, we work with local agencies, councils and community groups; we source service locations, volunteers and the all important service sponsor that will make sure we have the funds to operate the sleepbus service for those in need. You’ve done an awesome job and now let us bring it home from here.

The best bit... seeing your face when a beautiful completed sleepbus drives into town. Can’t wait. Thank you.

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