Susan Banhegyi

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sleep PINK

Why fundraise for SLEEP? Because sleep can change your life around. 
It’s not ok to let women and children sleep on the street and that’s why, with your help, we are doing something about it. 
The ‘pink’ sleepbus offers a safe place for women and children to get a good nights sleep and ultimately a chance to take a breathe to work on a pathway out of homelessness. 
The ‘pink’ sleepbus fills the gap in the transition to  accomodation. It will have 22 individual sleep pods, 2 toilets, onboard overnight security person and also pet pods!
The services to support the ‘pink’ sleepbus have been sponsored. Now it’s JUST building the bus. Over $70K has already been raised. The target is $100K. 
Each ‘pink’ sleep costs $30. So, only 1,000 donations @$30 to make the ‘pink’ sleepbus a reality. 
Welcome onboard. Thank you for your donation?

Thank you to my Sponsors


Alex E Lamber

Nice initiative :)



Happy Birthday Susan! Kind of you to raiss for a good cause! Many happy return to you!