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Safe Sleeps

  • 1 = $27.50
  • 2 = $55
  • 7 = $192.50
  • 10 = $275
  • 20 = $550
  • 100 = $2,750


Help us provide safe sleeps.



On any given night
in Australia, 105,000
people are homeless.

6,314 of those are sleeping
in improvised dwellings,
tents, cars or sleeping out.

Of those, 1,073 are
children under
the age of 12 years old.

We're also seeing more
domestic violence victims &
elderly widows on the streets.

67.6% Male | 32.4% Female

What is sleepbus?

sleepbus® converts buses into
safe, temporary overnight
accommodation to get people
off the street by offering an
immediate, first stop, cost-effective
solution for our society's most
vulnerable people; catching them
early until they can get back on
their feet.

What's in a sleepbus?

Each sleepbus provides 22 secure, climate
controlled, individual sleep pods with a lockable
door, under bus storage, pet pods for companion
animals, an onboard, overnight security person
and monitored CCTV surveillance. One sleepbus
provides 8,030 safe sleeps per year.


We're all about transparency; where does
the money go (100% Model) and how is it
making a difference. sleepbusLIVE provides the
transparency and the proof of everything we do
in real-time.

sleepbus conducts a short survey of guests as
they board, as much information as they wish to
provide, which then populates our live portal as
it happens in the field; number of guests, ages,
male/female, days homeless, number of safe
sleeps provided by this sleepbus to date etc.
Check it out!

A Bold idea. Always use 100%

100% of your donation is allocated to a
sleepbus project; that's our 100% Model
promise to you. When you donate or
fundraise, every dollar goes to building
and maintaining a sleepbus project. Private
donors fund our Charity operating costs,
so 100% of your money can go towards
getting people off the street.

Low operating costs; able to provide our most vulnerable people with a
safe place to sleep at just $27.50 per sleep, which is more than 5x cheaper
than what is currently available.

Fast and mobile; a sleepbus can be built fast (weeks, not months or years)
and because it is mobile, it can operate where it's needed, when it's
needed, with a typical service operating from 8pm to 8am nightly.

Safe and adaptable; with a disturbingly high level of women, families
and children fleeing domestic violence situations, sleepbus offers an
immediate, first stop solution to keep them safe until they work out their
next steps.

Cost effective build; an investment of $100,000 provides a fully
operational sleepbus that supports 8,030 safe sleeps per year, far less
than bricks and mortar.

"You see it; emotions begin to radiate outward from your heart, a widening of the eyes. It may be accompanied by an urge to flee. The heart adds a beat, like a quiet exclamation point on the experience.

Within a 10th of a second, the event has passed, but not without leaving its mark.

Do you do something about what you've just witnessed?
You should.

I developed the sleepbus solution because I saw a homeless man trying to sleep on the street, during the day, while people walked over him. It had a profound effect on me; he was the tiredest man I had ever seen.

sleepbus offers an immediate, first stop, cost-effective solution for our society's most vulnerable people; catching them early. This issue has gone on long enough, get in touch and get onboard."

Simon Rowe | sleepbus Founder

Read Simon's story & the birth of sleepbus.

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