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100% of your money will fund sleepbus projects.
Give people safe sleeps and get them off our streets.

Give safe sleeps

One safe sleep is just $27.50

100% funds sleepbus projects.


Give monthly

Give safe sleeps all year long.

100% of your donation gets people off the street and provides safe sleeps.


Provide one year of safe sleeps

Have an impact. Make a difference.

100% funds sleepbus projects.

Corporate support

Provide the fuel that keeps sleepbus rolling.

Our promise of 100% of public donations fund sleepbus projects is ambitious and we need investors to help. sleepbus investors are donors that recognise the impact of a major gift to our operational expenses. Like any startup business, we need investors who believe in, and support our business model. The 100% Model.

Other ways you can get involved

Pledge your next Birthday for safe sleeps.


Do something crazy or creative to raise money.