Busking for sleepbus

By Martin Fluker Join Me

Hi, my name is Martin (stage name: DADN8A) and I’m a busker in Melbourne.  When I’m out busking I often meet people on the streets who are doing it tough. Through meeting some of these folk I’ve realised that it can often only be a few things that need to go wrong in a persons life to leave them in a homeless situation.  Luckily I’m doing ok, and so made the decision to donate all my busking money to Sleepbus.  

I have a sign on my guitar case that explains how every $10 donated pays for one nights temporary and safe accommodation for one homeless person.  This really resonates with many people who hear my music and stop to read the sign.  I hope these people like my music, but more importantly, I hope that they see the value in supporting the Sleepbus cause. I know that they do because I see their generosity each time I busk.

Every couple of weeks or so I drop in at the Sleepbus depot and hand over a big pile of coins and notes.  It makes me feel really good to be able to do this.

Rock on.

Thank you to my Supporters


Martin Fluker


Martin Fluker


Martin Fluker




Martin Fluker


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