By Michael Firth Join Me

Here at Neumi as a member driven organisation we like to instil into our successful members that although it's great to build financial security for yourself. Giving from the heart to support the less fortunate world around you is equally important. 

With this in mind, this is a Neumi member initiative and we are raising money to assist sleep bus to be able to provide more busses for the homeless. Particularly in Brisbane and Perth where we are holding our first ever Australian events. 

Please donate if you can and share this link wide and far to spread the love and support.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Michael Firth


Phoebe Wallace

This is an amazing timing



Hi Michael, I'm happy to make this donation to support your good cause.


Rose Scoote


Camryn Bowden


Hospitality Gas Solutions

Happy to contribute to a worthy cause


Knicole Burchett

Love this movement , I hope the first of many!


Ashley Hardy


Michael Masters


Anton Augustine


Symone Robinson

Every soul deserves a #Sheltered place ~ save Haven 💝🎯🚌🛏️


Kirstylee Diamond

God bless 🙏


Judith Corner


Scott Marshall Kingsley