Bundaberg sleepbus

By Bundaberg Sleepbus Join Me

As part of the Bundaberg Housing & Homelessness Forum, a working group has been created to begin working towards Bundaberg's own sleepbus.

The goal is to raise enough funds to buy & build a sleepbus for the Bundaberg area to give the homeless people of our area a safe place to sleep at night and to maintain this long into the future.

Please see the sleepbus.org website for more information on projects underway and completed across Australia already.

Thank you to my Sponsors



Good luck with the fundraising!


Dee Reynolds

What a great Idea. Happy to support this Venture.


Bev Devlin

$100,000 here we come!


Tracy Hall

This is a tremendous initiative! Proud to support it.


Raymond Pam

What an awesome cause


Trish Mears

Such a wonderful initiative. Every dollar donated is one dollar closer to having a sleepbus® in Bundy!