Sleep Bus Marathon Fundraiser

By Carolin Koerner Join Me

Tonight, I am grateful for the woodfire burning away in the room next to where I sleep. While its warmth, penetrates my skin and into my body, I am aware that many of my fellow humans aren't that fortunate tonight. Many, will spend the next 3 nights, along housewalls or under bridges. It breaks my heart that in our western society, there are still so many that have lost their roofs, their family, their dignity and perhaps even their hope. I live in the hills and don't experience homelessness to the degree, that many experience in the city suburbs. As I was running along, with my running group- through the city and along the river- I was amazed how many people were making their bed for the night along the sidewalk. So I herby wish to connect these two events, running and homelss- and raise money towards helping the homeless. I have purchased my ticket, which is an initial outlay, to participate in my first Marathon on the 6th of October 2019. I would like to donate my efforts to give it my best, on that day  to help raise donations for this fantastic organization, which provides sleep buses for the Homeless in Australia 

I would be most grateful for any donation towards this cause 💙