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Chevy at strong empowered women is all about women and pets, health wellness and giving back, this sleep bus is a fantastic idea and one that is thought out with safety in mind. I had the pleasure of meeting simon and took a look through these buses, it is such an invested idea that has come to fruition and i am glad to know my workshops helps with donating to this much needed cause and not for profit org.  

Boxing for womens wellness is a 7 wk workshop held in the west of melbourne in a private boxing gym thanks to david hegarty from tarneit boxing gym who has been kind enough for us to use the gym , this is an opportunity for women to come along and learn the art of boxing and technique, get fit, have fun, but most of all be okay with putting on the gloves and get in the spirit of women in boxing.   

It’s not ok to let women children or pets sleep on the street and that’s why, with your help, we are doing something about it.

With the dramatic increase in women (and their children) ending up on the streets due to domestic violence, financial strife, family breakdown and other factors, sleeps is building “pink” sleepbus. This will be a service specifically for women (and their children).

Although the traditional service can cater for both male and female guests of all ages, there is a need for women, particularly from domestic violence situations to be in a female only environment for their own peace of mind and mental health. sleepbus recognises this and because the model can adapt quickly to meet the needs of people forced onto the street, a pink sleepbus was a no brainer.

The service remains the same in every other detail to the traditional service, just for women only. In the hope that this will make female guests even more comfortable while they work out their next steps.

sleepbus offers a safe place to sleep while transitioning into long term accommodation, as well as links to local support services providing assistance with finances, employment, education, health care and legal advice.

Join us in helping to keep women and kids off the streets by donating to our fundraising campaign. 

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Strong Empowered Women


Chevy Lowndes