$3000 for 3km ocean swim

By Jessica Bishop

Another day in the pool

Hello everybody! A quick update on the swim training for the 3km ocean swim - its going well! I'm happy to say I've completed 4km per week for the last two weeks. Yay, and am now only 10km off my 30km training goal. With two weeks until race day I may just make the 30km goal, but it would mean 5km per week for the next two weeks. Can I do it??

We are feeling the stirrings of the warmer spring weather here, so feeling much more positive about getting into the pool (which is fortunately heated to 26-28degrees). I even got out of bed and went for a morning swim this week. :)

In other news, a big thank-you to my generous sponsers. There are still two more weeks to donate to the Sleepbus efforts. For more details about what they do, check out their webpage. https://www.sleepbus.org

Thanks for cheering me on and supporting Sleepbus! 

More updates to come. Jess xx


A swim update

My swim training has been off to a slow start thanks to sickness and travel. Its been three weeks since I've been in the pool. surprised So, I was pleased to complete 2km swim today. Yay. laughing Which means only 25.5 more training kms to complete!yell

While my swim training kms go up, I'd also love to see the donations to sleepbus go up! wink Thanks for supporting my ocean swim journey and also donating to the sleepbus cause - they are currently re-fitting a bus specifically for the use of women and children. You can check out more details on their website. :)

Hi all,  I’m competing in the 3km ocean swim in Hervey Bay on Sept 1st and would love you to support me by donating to the great cause of Sleepbus. Given I’m swimming 3kms, I’m aiming to swim 30kms in training over the next 12 weeks and therefore would love to raise $3000.

I would love this generous community to come on this journey with me and support me by donating as I rack up my training kilometres in the pool - and on the big day in the ocean. 

$3000 can make a big different to the community. Check out all the details on their website. 

Thank you to my Supporters


Mandy Hay


Sarah Kross


Jessica Bishop


Mon Koster

Good on you Jess for shedding light and raising awareness for this much needed service!