Run All Night - Sleep All Night

By Kelli Skoda Join Me

Homelessness has become a massive issue on the Sunshine Coast. Increasing house prices is great for home owners, but what if you’re not a homeowner? As a mum, it breaks my heart to know that not only adults are going homeless. I was running early morning through a local beach carpark to see a family sleeping rough. It was confronting and has stuck with me. In December this year, I’m running the KosciMiler = 100miles (161kms) through the Snowy Mountains (including a climb up Mt Kosciusko!!) without stopping for sleep and by doing this, I am hoping to raise funds to support our local Sleepbus. I was excited to find out that the Sunshine Coast will be getting a second “Pinkbus” soon that will cater for women and children. If you can, feel free to contribute a small donation to this cause… thank you!! 

Event Information

Friday 16th December 06:00 - 23:59
Mt Kosciusko