Good Night Sydney

By Ljubica Linda Smyth Join Me

At times I awake on a cold night coughing and I automatically think of all those sleeping rough in all kinds of weather.  How they must get sick being exposed to extreme temperatures.

I started searching and researching what is being done and what I can do.  That is where I came across Sleepbus.  We often say, “Someone should do something” and Simon realised he was someone. 

I have realised that I am someone and collectively we can do something. 

We do not have this service in Sydney, and I feel we need a fleet of these buses.  First, we start with one.

Let us give them a Good Night Sydney.  Everyone deserves a good night sleep.


Thank you to my Supporters



Bless you and your efforts.


Mark Smyth


George Bakhos


Ljubica Linda Smyth


Steven Lia



Pleased to support you and the cause.



Keep up the good work Linda