Helping Canberra's Homeless Women

By Rachael Hunter Join Me

My aim is to raise enough funds to launch a Pink Sleep-bus in Canberra.

As a local member of the community I often wonder how women and children who are homeless manage to survive Canberra's bitterly cold nights

Many of us are blessed with warm, safe homes and comfortable beds, and it is a luxury we tend to take for grated.  

Having worked in the community sector when I was younger, I am also keenly aware of how prevalent  homelessness is, particularly for women, who generally have a lower wage and are a greater risk of long term homelessness

I would love to know that in some small way I was helping women to have fine a safe, warm place to sleep, even for just a night!

For every home loan my business settles I plan on donating $75 towards my $10,000 goal.  If I am able to help 140 people with their home loans, then hopefully I can be a long way towards funding a Sleepbus for women in the ACT

Thank you to my Sponsors


Rachael Hunter


Renata Rose

Love this idea, so many people who need this urgently.