Redcliffe Sleepbus

By Tracy Turnbull Join Me

On any given night in Redcliffe a multitude of men, women and children (and their pets) are sleeping rough.  I know from personal experience that when all the unfortunate circumstances in life align, that that could be any one of us.  With crime rates also soaring, a safe, secure and clean space is needed for them to obtain a restful night's sleep.  Safe from harm and with the dignity that everyone deserves.

We all know how a good sleep recharges, reenergises and reboots our ability to make it through our day.  By connecting with services such as Sleepbus, members of our community who find themselves without a roof over their heads may also reach out for other assistance if wanted, they can be pointed in the direction of organisations who provide further supports and direction.

However the main function of Sleepbus is really to step up and keep guests safe and comfortable as they get the much needed restorative sleep to make it through another day.

Please help us to acquire this amazing service for the Redcliffe community as it may save many lives. 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Tracy Turnbull