Sleepbus fund raising by Zach

By Zachary R Join Me

Visit to Queanbeyan sleepbus - 1 May 2021

Tonight we visited the Queanbeyan sleepbus and saw all the cool things in the bus. The bus sleeps 14 people and each little room has a TV, bed and toilet and keeps them warm and safe for the night. 

There is also a special pink sleepbus being built that will be for women and kids to sleep in coming to Canberra. The volunteers were very kind and helpful.

I am raising money for the sleepbus so homeless people can have somewhere safe and warm to sleep. There is a sleepbus in Queanbeyan and I want to help people in my community.

Thank you to my Supporters


Ann Perkins

Good deed Zach..proud of you always.. Nanann x


Stuart Rowswell

Great stuff Zac Granny and Pa


Amanda Kates

You are such an awesome person Zac - so proud of you


Grace Calma

You're an amazing little man, Zachary



You should proud of yourself for hoping others. Proud Aunty Nina x


Erwin Lapschies

Good work Zach- Winnie


Aunty Grace

Keep up the good work Zachary. It's great to help others


Nanna Shearer

Very proud of your work Zachary Robert. Your Pop would be proud too. Love Nanna xo


Anthea And David Healey

Go Zach! What a kind, generous kid you are!


Carla Duncan

What a good thing you doing Zachary, little leader in the making. Keep reaching for the stars abs helping those in need. Kindness takes courage, its giving your strength to someone in need rather than focussing on their weaknesses. Love Phil and Carla


Mum And Dad X

Good work Zachary. You have a big heart and we are very proud of you.


Narelle Bowden

Great work Zach, you are so loving and kind.


Jane Kaufmann


Pam White

Great work Zachary You really are a champion for other people


Ocean Tomkins

Keep it going Zac, you are an inspiration to all. Well done young man


Benjamin Schreiber


Mick Turner

Keep up the good work Zach!




Mario Marsh

Hey Zachary, You’re doing an awesome job with a really positive attitude. You stay strong and believe in yourself always