Mackay & Sarina Sleepbuses are secured! Donations for Operation costs required :)

By Kayleigh Brewster Join Me

All 3 Sleepbuses are secured! Donations for Operational Costs are required :)

Safe Sleep Mackay has reached its fundraising target of $300K, and has orders placed for three (3) sleepbuses for the region.  Ongoing operational funding is required for each of the buses.  Your support will be greatly appreciated by all users.

We’d like to express our gratitude to the community which has rallied behind us, and for the generous support that we have received from community grants and donations.  This project has brought us together, collectively as Safe Sleep Mackay, and rallied the community with a common cause to make our community a better place for all. 

This has been made possible by the support of our major donors;

  • Mackay Regional Council,
  • Run for MI Life,
  • BMA Benefiting My Community Fund,
  • Mackay Community Foundation,
  • Paradise Outdoor Advertising Doing Good Charity Program,
  • Port of Mackay Rotary,
  • Macrossan & Amiet Charitable Foundation,
  • Freemason Lodges of the Mackay Region and,
  • Gambling Community Benefit Fund

Housing affordability is affecting communities across Australia, in that respect Mackay is no different to other regions.  What makes us stand out is the generosity of our community, and the expediency in coming together to find a solution, all be it not the ultimate solution of more housing.  Our other stand out is that we will have three buses to provide safe sleeping options for those in need, the Sunshine Coast is the only other location that has multiple buses (2). This funding milestone has been achieved in 8 months! 

We look forward to buses arriving, and expecting our first to be here for the winter nights.  There arrival will bring another opportunity for our community to be involved, and make a difference to someone else’s life. The buses will need volunteers, and ongoing financial support, to operate in both Mackay and Sarina!

Together we are making a difference.

Every donation helps us to move in the right direction so please give what you can. 

Why do we know we need to make this investment for our community?

  • There is a very limited supply of crisis accommodation for women in Mackay.  One accommodation provider accommodates on average around 50 women and 10 children over a 12-month period.  Approximately 20% of their clients identify as Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander and 15% are one of the fastest growing homeless demographics, single women aged 56 or older.  Sadly, for the 12 month period ending 31 March 2023, the provider had  requests / referrals from third party agencies for accommodation for 113 women, and for 51 accompanying children, that could not be met

  • In Sarina there is a limited supply of accommodation.  One agency has 670 people on their housing wait list.  The Sarina Neighbourhood Centre has 2 out of every 5 community members presenting to appointments with the job network providers have indicated rental leases coming to an end with no new residences to move into. With 1 out of 3 community members utilising the centre are living in over crowed housing. 2 out of 5 services users have indicated they have taken substandard or sight unseen premises just to have accommodation.

Some of the many benefits that come with having a Sleepbus;

  • Assist with current housing crisis, as all community housing providers do not have the capacity to meet increasing demands.

  • Safe and secure accommodation

  • Improved health outcomes both physical and mental well being

  • Crime prevention benefits as the person is safe, and won’t become a victim of crime, reducing the impact on police resources, hospitals, and other social services to provide support.

  • Providing a good nights’ sleep increases employment opportunities, and  job retention.

Help us to secure a Sleepbus for Mackay, QLD!

In response to the current housing crisis, Safe Sleep Mackay (SSM) formed to deliver short term solutions, for people without a safe place to sleep. Members of our group are proactive, experienced and have current roles within renowned local organisations which assist people experiencing homelessness.

Immediate action is required: Mackay is in the midst of a housing crisis with homelessness numbers growing rapidly. Recently many of our members have noted up to a 50% increase in demand on already stretched services.

We believe that we should all be the change we wish to see.

If you want to do something about people sleeping on the street, start with one thing. SLEEP.

When a person gets access to a safe place to sleep, things can change quickly. It can improve mental and physical health, decrease associated medical expenses and help make a pathway out of homelessness a little easier to see.

Sleepbus is a not-for-profit organisation founded in 2016. The organisation transforms buses into a secure sleeping facility for people experiencing homelessness. Each sleepbus can provide up to 20 people each night with a secure sleep in twin bed pods. The pods all contain a toilet, air conditioner, usb charger, reading light, and a TV with local support services channel. The sleepbus service is completely free for all guests with operational expenses supported via donations and corporate sponsorships.

How does Sleepbus work? Each night, the Sleepbus will arrive at its dedicated location. Guests will be onboarded to have a safe, quality sleep. In the morning they will then exit the bus before it departs back to its depot for servicing for its’ next shift. Sleepbus can be utilised by anyone who is willing to sleep peacefully.

Please donate before 31 March 2023 so we can lock in 

the delivery of a SleepBus for Mackay!

Whether you’re able to donate $2 or $1000, it all moves us forward in the right direction.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Gambling Community Benefit Fund


Mackay Community Foundation


Private Foundation


Mackay Regional Council


Run For Mi Life


Macrossen Amiet Charitable Foundation


Port Of Mackay Rotary Club


Bhp Benefiting My Community Program


Bma Benefiting My Community


Nqbp Community




Soroptomist International Mackay


Carlyle Crafters


Julienne Gilbert


C3 Church Mackay


Valerie J


Stephen Andrew (mp)


Mackay North State School


Peter Rosier


St Mary's Catholic


Kutta Mulla Gorinna School


Lachlan Bonett

Happy to help tawords a good cause


Kerrin & Shane Bonser

Hope the town of Mackaybget behind this


Tracey P


Hair N Beauty @ Sams


Joan Streeter


Graham Becker





Great initiative!




Kathleen Angus Rosetta

What a fantastic idea! Everyone deserves to sleep safe!


Ann Place


Cassandra Reynolds




Coralie Skillington


Xanthe Bridge


Brooke Andrews


Lisa Jamieson


L Hamilton




Ann Sullivan


The Carpet House Floorzon


Meagan Lidbetter


Coburn Motor Trimmers


G & J Tetley


Oriwa Northcroft


Brian Tetley


Daisy Fred


Seth Lockwood




4 The Streets


Ann Sullivan


Dianne Craig


Tammy Kinnersly


Tracy Cassidy


Stuart Snell


Michael Derbin


Sandy Dooley


Kylie Marie


Gerry Kingstn


C Mckinney-moss


Bec Lewis


Brenda Bailey


Tracy De Giovanni


Peter Derbin

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