The companies, organisations and individuals that we partner with share our mission to end the need for people to sleep rough in Australia. They know that it’s not ok to let someone sleep on the street, that’s why together, we’re doing something about it.

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Even before day one, ecosa was a supporter of sleepbus.

Just after our successful GoFundMe campaign and the purchase of our first bus, the Age newspaper ran a story about sleepbus, this first of its kind solution; as a result, while working on the bus build a few days later, the phone rang. The man on the line was the owner of ecosa, an online mattress retailer and this is how the conversation went...

ecosa: “I just read your story in the paper, amazing. Do you need some mattresses? I’d like to help.”
sleepbus: “Some mattresses would be very much appreciated.”
ecosa: “how many do you need?”
sleepbus: “The sleepbus we are building now will have 22 beds, so 22 mattresses, but they are not a standard size.”
ecosa: “Didn’t you want to build like 300 sleepbus?”
sleepbus: “yes, well thats the big goal, thats how many we think we will need across the country to ensure everyone has a safe place to sleep.”
ecosa: “ok, well I’ll donate mattresses for every sleepbus you ever build. Send me the sizes and I’ll get them made up.”

...And that was it. Our very first corporate sponsor; and to this day, I ring the team at ecosa and tell them I’m building another sleepbus...and they ship us more mattresses without hesitation. Truly amazing support from a truly generous company.

“Travelling to Toronto in April 2018 really woke me up. It was the light bulb moment. With light snow and so many homeless people sleeping on the street, it really made me think. With empathy, I find homelessness so sad and highly disturbing.

So, I came up with this idea to build a ‘for profit for purpose’ business to help the homeless in Australia. Through much research and conversation, I decided to help Simon Rowe and the sleepbus® organisation. Simon Rowe is an entrepeneur and former rough sleeper. I believe that he has created a trustworthy charitable organisation that ensures that the funds go directly to providing impact for the people in need.

Beauty’s Got Soul is going to support sleepbus® by giving a percentage of sales, not profits, to the sleepbus organisation. Every purchase from BGS will see a percentage of sales go directly to sleepbus®. We are committed to tracking our progress in terms of how many safe sleeps for the homeless we provide. We woudl love your support and welcome you to our adventure.“

Leonie Henzell | founder


Supplying mattresses for every sleepbus we build.

Donate a percentage of all sales to support sleepbus.

Fundraising Partner.

Fundraising Partner.

Pro bono legal firm

Pro bono accounting firm.

Pro bono bookeeping firm.

Charlie & the team donate our sleepbusHUB space.

Bedding Supplier.

Battery System supplier for every bus.

Support us in an awesome way...with free buses.

Supply all our bedding protection for a healthy sleep.

Donated our commercial laundry equipment.

Donated the original sleepbus and our depot bus.

Donated all the plumbing supplies for the depot bus.

Donate advice & labour to build our laundry.

Supply all our volunteer tee's and other merchandise needs.

Donated their time, expertise and materials to power up our laundry bus.

Provide the pump that make our laundry bus possible.

They power this awesome website.


We would love to hear from you.